Toys That No Girl Would Be Caught Dead Playing With (Toys For Boys)

One of the great things about shopping for girls is that they’re a lot more willing to accept and enjoy toys for boys than boys are willing to play with toys for girls. To take one example, He-Man had a huge, huge girl fanbase, even though it has the words +He+ and +Man+ right in […]

Electric Toys

All toys and games are great and fun to play with but electric toys raise the bar on the fun level and not just for children either but for adults too. Let’s look at some of the top electrical toys list that cannot be missed. Infra Red Controlled Helicopters + these are miniature helicopters that […]

Buying Toys

Looking for simple, inexpensive toys for your child that require no batteries, assembly, and keep his or her attention for hours? Here are some ideas for simple things around the house that will entertain your children while you accomplish all the things on your to-do list. 1) Play-doh. This is easy to make and lasts […]

Wooden Childrens Toys – Types Of Toys Available, Part 1

While many of the toys of today have become high tech and many are made of plastic, there are still a variety of wooden children’s toys that are made. Wooden toys have been around for many years, and they are still quite popular today in spite of other toys that have been developed with today’s […]