Tips For Choosing Appropriate Toys To Create Happy Childhood

The process playing with toys for a child is growing and learning process. Toy plays the following four important roles in baby growth. First, promote development of perceptions. Children train their perceptions in the process of touch, see, take, listen to, play with, which make baby’s vision, hearing, smell, taste more sensitive and feel better physical coordination, at the same time, develop baby’s concentration, memory, observation, imagination and language ability. Second, exercise athletic ability. Athletic ability includes fine motor and big action capability. Long-term exercise can make baby more sensitive and more coordination. Third, enhance sense of security. The process playing toys together with parents makes baby more solid sense of security and promote affection and communication with parents. Fourth, develop social skills. Playing toys can develop baby’s social skills and communication skills, and foster capability of sharing and cooperation.
Choosing appropriate toys for baby at different stages is very important. Five types of toys for your baby are recommended as follows: First, sensual toys. Sensory training can quickly enhance baby’s sense of perception, provides a solid foundation for intelligence development. Second, living toys, through familiar experience, similar to family life, baby can concentrate on one activity, and develop independence, confidence, willpower and sense of order. Third, language toys, language as a communication tool, can obtain through free exchange. Baby has to learn to write through ability of mechanical motion. Forth, Math toys, through these toys, children find relationships of numbers, and gradually form mathematic thinking and problem-solving ability. Fifth, sports toys, through running, jumping, casting, crawling and other methods, make baby healthier, more responsive and more coordinate.
In addition, parents choose toys purposely according to your child’s personality also help to children health development. If your baby is restless, you can choose some static intelligence toys like building blocks, so that baby can long time focus on and control the object. If your child is quiet and withdrawn, you can choose dynamic toys such as inertia or voice-activated toys. If your child is careless and impatient, you can choose some handmade toys, let baby recognize relationships between things in production process and develop good study habits. If your child is not gregarious and does not want to contact with others, you can choose participation toys like water toys, or let child participate in group games.
Respect rules of children’s physical and mental development and choose appropriate toys, we will be able to create children a happy childhood.