Wooden Childrens Toys – Types Of Toys Available, Part 2

Wooden Building Blocks
Another old classic among wooden children’s toys that is still used today is building blocks made of wood. Often these are a much better choice than plastic building toys, like Legos, that break easily and can be choking hazards. There are regular wooden building blocks available and even alphabet building blocks that you can purchase to help teach your children the alphabet while they are having fun. The building blocks made of wood are very durable and are great for children who enjoy building.
Wooden Workbenches
For your little boy who wants to be just like dad, you may want to consider the wooden workbenches that are available for young children. These miniature workbenches are made totally of wood and usually come with toy tools, such as toy hammers, saws, and more. This will allow your little helper to work alongside you with his play tools whenever you are working around the home. Kids will enjoy many hours of fun with this fun wooden toy.
Wooden Toy Trains
Wooden toy trains are another great wooden children’s toy that has been around for many years. Wooden toy trains trace back at least to the 1930’s and have been a hit with kids and their parents ever since. These trains are made of wood and the tracks they run on are made of wood as well. You can start collecting toy trains by collecting wooden engines, wooden cabooses, and wooden train cars. At first most of these trains were only powered by the children pushing them, but now you can purchase toy trains that have engines that run on batteries as well. Some people really enjoy collecting these toy trains and collect the trains as well as various tracks and even buildings, bridges, and tunnels to go along with the trains.
Wooden Rocking Horse
The wooden rocking horse has probably been around for hundreds of years, but is still a very popular toy among children. Kids enjoy getting on this wooden horse and rocking away having great adventures as they ride. Usually, this is a great toy to purchase for children between the ages of 3 and 7.